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Industrial Air Conditioning & Heating in El Centro, Imperial, Calexico, CA, and the Surrounding Areas


Industrial units come in a variety of sizes to suit any need while using the same components you would expect in your home unit. The main difference is that these are made to handle more extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. For example, many of the larger units come equipped with boilers for hot water that can be used in place of or alongside steam production. Contact us today for Industrial Air Conditioning & Heating in El Centro, Imperial, Calexico, CA, and the Surrounding Areas.

Industrial air conditioning & heating units are used for keeping factories cool and warm during shifts, allowing operation throughout the year.

They also come in many different configurations. Units are available in both vertical and horizontal models, making them compatible with nearly every space requirement. Many small units are also self-contained, meaning they require no outside ducting to make installation quick and easy. The low profile of these systems ensures that production will never be interrupted by the installation process.

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What Kind of Repairs do Industrial Air conditioning and Heating Units Need?

Repairs aren’t common, but most units can be repaired quickly and relatively inexpensively if necessary. For example, some units come with multiple compressors, which can be used as a replacement part instead of the entire system. This saves on costs and ensures that production is never interrupted by a lengthy period of downtime.

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How Efficient are Industrial Air Conditioning and Heating Units?

When it comes to efficiency, these systems set themselves apart from their residential counterparts in several ways:

  • They use multiple components, so one failure doesn’t lead to another more serious problem
  • Most have been designed to automatically adjust power levels depending on demand
  • Many have been built, so they require minimal electricity during idle periods

These factors play a prominent role in increasing total system efficiency, which can have several benefits if you’re looking to reduce their environmental impact.

For example, some units are designed with high-efficiency motors that directly correlate to cost savings on electricity bills. These types of industrial air conditioning and heating units will also reduce the demand on power grids, allowing for more stability and reliability.

There is also greater potential for cost savings when it comes to installation.

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