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Air Cleaners In El Centro, Imperial, Calexico, CA, and the Surrounding Areas

Everyone knows that outdoor air is filled with pollutants. But did you know that the air in your home may be just as bad? In fact, the EPA ranks indoor air quality as a top-five environmental concern. And the air inside can be up to 100 times more polluted than the air outside. The reason: dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, pets. Remove these particles, and you remove the common triggers for allergies, asthma attacks, headaches, and other health worries. Fortunately, there's an uncomplicated way to do just that. Arctic Air Conditioning proudly provides air cleaners for homes in and around El Centro, CA.

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Air Cleaner Purifier Close Up
What is the difference between an air purifier and an air cleaner?

An air purifier and an air cleaner serve the same purpose of improving indoor air quality but differ in mechanism. Air purifiers typically use HEPA filters to capture particles, while air cleaners encompass a broader range of technologies, including ionizers and UV lights, to eliminate pollutants. Air purifiers target specific contaminants, while air cleaners offer a more comprehensive approach, tackling a wider spectrum of indoor air pollutants such as allergens, odors, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The Good News: Whole-Home Air Cleaners

An Affinity Whole-Home Air Cleaner is an easy way to improve indoor air quality. These air cleaners go far beyond standard filters to keep your home environment cleaner all year long. Unlike a portable room air cleaner, these units are part of your existing heating and cooling system, so they clean the air throughout your entire home, all while remaining out of sight and operating incredibly quietly. They can even deliver 24-hour filtration when you need it. This is a difference you can see since you'll notice less dust around the house, and it's a difference your whole family can feel. Day after day. Each unit is simple to install and maintain and because it keeps dust and dirt out of vital equipment, your heating and cooling system performs at peak efficiency, which can help reduce maintenance and energy costs.

Affinity Media Air Cleaners

Who it's for:

  • Seasonal allergies sufferers
  • Anyone concerned about airborne mold
  • Homeowners who want to maximize the efficiency of their home's current heating and cooling system

What it does:

  • The media air cleaner permanently traps particles, including airborne contaminants, down to 1 micron (one millionth of a meter in size). Particles less than 6 microns are invisible to the naked eye, and allergy-causing pollen particles and mold spores range from .5 microns to 1 micron.
  • Helps minimize the risk of asthma and allergy attacks
  • MERV 10 efficiency rating (minimum efficiency reporting value)

How it works:

Your media air cleaner simply attaches to your existing heating and cooling equipment. It uses no extra electricity, requires no continual maintenance, and operates silently. Inside, the disposable media filter lasts up to two years, so you don't have to worry about constant changes or even cleanings. Your Dealer can replace filters as part of a regular maintenance schedule.

Affinity Premium Hybrid Electronic Air Cleaners

Who it's for:

  • Anyone sensitive to airborne viruses, bacteria, or mold particles
  • Seasonal allergies sufferers
  • Those who are concerned with tobacco smoke in their home
  • Homeowners who want an advanced, exceptionally efficient air cleaner

What it does:

  • Removes 80% of indoor virus-sized particles, 94% of airborne dust, and 99% of allergens and mold particles
  • Helps minimize the risk of asthma and allergy attacks
  • Equivalent to a MERV 16 efficiency rating (minimum efficiency reporting value), the highest MERV rating achievable

How it works:

Once attached to your existing heating and cooling equipment, this air cleaner requires little maintenance. Unlike conventional plate-type electronic air cleaners, this model operates silently, and its performance doesn't degrade over time. Its disposable filter lasts up to a year, and your dealer can replace filters as part of a regular maintenance schedule.

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