Tips to Determine The Age Of the Furnace

Suppose you’ve recently moved into a house with an existing furnace, or you’re unsure of the current system in your house. In that case, it would be difficult to determine the exact age of the furnace in your home. For assistance, Arctic Air Conditioning can help. We offer superior furnace service in El Centro, CA and the surrounding areas.

Steps to Determine the Age of the Furnace

  • Take out the removable door on the outside of the furnace. Check the inside of the door to find the label or tag that contains your furnace’s number of serials.
  • Shut off the power source, then examine the fan and fan blades. The older furnaces may have the serial number stamped on the fan, giving the necessary information even if a manufacturer’s label isn’t present.

More Commonly Used Serial Number Designs

Year and Week as the Initial Four Digits

The first four digits in the serial code indicate the manufacturing week or month, then the year. If you find 2-3-9-8 followed by additional numbers or letters, it could mean that the furnace was manufactured during the 23rd week of 1998.

A year and Week or Month as the First Four Digits

Alternatively, the year could come first, while the week or month comes later. In such a scenario, the first four numbers in the serial numbers may appear as 0-2-1-2 for 2002, December, or 2002, the 12th week.

The Date at the End

Sometimes, but rarely it’s the last four numbers from the serial numbers that show the date of production for the model.

Letters That Indicate Years or Months

You could see a different variant of using one letter to signify the month or year. For instance, a serial number could have the form 02B, where 02 refers to the year (2002) and B is February.

Serial Number Having a Letter at the Beginning

If the serial number begins with a letter, it usually indicates a factory or the location, and the production date is typically next.

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