Signs That You Need Air Conditioner Repair

Signs That You Need Air Conditioner Repair

Is your AC providing you with the best possible service, especially during the cooling season? Most of the time, your air conditioning system will send you indications of an issue before it breaks down. When you can deal with the trouble early with the help of the best AC repair in El Centro, CA, you will save money and stave off the frustration of a full system breakdown.

If you call for emergency repairs during the peak of the summer seasons, you will have to wait for service since it’s the middle of the season, and everyone else is calling for air conditioning repairs too.

What if this could be prevented by noticing the signs that imply you need an air conditioning repair? Some of them are given below:

  • Low airflow
    Various reasons can cause reduced airflow. What you should do is inspect your HVAC air filter to protect the air conditioning system from dirt, dust, and another residue that could harm you. Airflow troubles can be caused by broken or dirty ductwork.
  • Moisture near your air conditioning system
    If you start catching sight of moisture or water drops around your air conditioning system, then you have a problem. Sometimes it is like something blocking the drain tube that directs the condensation away from the air conditioning unit. This does not imply an emergency, but you will want to rectify it to avoid creating a suitable environment for mold growth. Sometimes humidity can suggest a refrigerant leak, which is more crucial. You should deal with the problem quickly to avoid more problems.
  • Strange smells
    A pungent smell may suggest the wire insulation in the system is burnt and has to be replaced. Stale odors are a sign of mold, which puts your household’s health at risk.
  • High humidity levels
    Part of an air conditioning unit’s task is to pull humidity from the air inside your residence. If you see water pooling around windows or a clammy feeling to the air inside your residence, it’s a big clue that your air conditioning unit isn’t working appropriately. 
  • Odd sounds
    Your air conditioning system should run rather quietly. While you will notice a sound from the motor, you should not hear grinding, screeching, crunching, or other loud sounds. The sooner you address these sounds with the help of Arctic Air Conditioning, the better for your system. Often the trouble can be fixed before you need to replace the cooling unit entirely.
  • Low cooling power
    This is a bit distinct from low airflow because the airflow might seem strong enough, but it’s not cool enough. This might be the indication of a refrigerant leak. Refrigerant is the chemical required in the air conditioners that make the cooling process possible. Periodically, you may lose refrigerant through a leak that has to be repaired so that the refrigerant can be refilled. 

Have you noticed one of these issues with the air conditioning system in your home? Arctic Air Conditioning is ready to assist with your AC service in El Centro, CA. Call us now at (760) 756-2109 or drop us an email at