Reasons You Should Not Delay Your AC Repair

Reasons You Should Not Delay Your AC Repair

Summer is flying by, and the fall and winter seasons will be here before we know it. ‘Why should I get the AC fixed since I won’t be using it for a long time anyway?’ This thought runs through all of our minds. 

But, when September arrives, temperatures don’t always begin to cool, and even the official start of fall at the end of the month doesn’t guarantee that temperatures will suddenly drop. Getting your AC not serviced is probably the worst thing you could do to your appliance. 

At Arctic Air Conditioning, we understand your air conditioner better than anyone. Our York-trained professionals are the best air conditioning guys in El Centro. We supply you with high-quality facilities, specialist installation, and a thorough assessment of your comfort requirements.

Here are some of the main reasons, by our professionals, as to why you shouldn’t delay your AC repair:

  • The heat doesn’t suddenly disappear
    A sudden heatwave in the fall is unavoidable. Throughout the early fall season, an air conditioner must be able to withstand the humidity. It runs a high risk of a failure or a more extreme malfunction that can hinder its cooling if it has a malfunction that isn’t treated, even if it doesn’t impact its cooling ability outwardly. 
  • A broken air conditioner consumes more energy
    Squandering power equates to squandering cash. When an air conditioner has a mechanical or electrical problem, it puts more strain on the parts, requiring more power than is normally needed. You don’t want to spend more than enough to power the air conditioner.
  • One dysfunctional part affects the others
    If problems with an air conditioner are not resolved quickly enough, they lead to other issues. A dirty AC coil, for example, will begin to form ice over the coil, resulting in a reduction in cooling capacity. In addition, multiple system failures, including a burned-out compressor, will result from refrigerant leaks. The earlier you get a problem properly solved, the less likely you are to have more issues that need attention.
  • A shorter lifespan for the air conditioning machine
    Consider driving a vehicle that is leaking gasoline. This isn’t good for the engine and can quickly run the vehicle down until it’s ready to be scrapped. It’s equivalent to operating an air conditioner that requires repairs: the additional pressure on the system would reduce its service life. You could end up trying to replace the machine years before it’s supposed to because you let malfunctions go unaddressed.

Above are some of the reasons why AC repairs shouldn’t be delayed and kept for the end moment. Our air conditioning guys El Centro diagnose the issue and get it patched so you can cross that item off your to-do list, and rest assured that the air conditioner won’t break down on you.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up, pick up the phone and call Arctic Air Conditioning at (760) 756-2109 or drop a mail at  to get your air conditioner serviced before it gets too late!