5 Common Heating And Cooling Problems You’ll Experience This Summer

If an issue occurs with your AC and you’re unable to fix it, this year’s summer will be one you would want to forget. None of us want to experience that sweltering heat where you have nowhere to escape since your own home can’t keep you cool. You’ll need to know how to resolve it to keep things operating smoothly. Here are 5 frequent HVAC problems that you may still encounter this summer.

What Might Happen?

Unclean Filters

You’ve probably been turning on your air conditioner more regularly because of the warmer weather. Filters become dirtier as your air conditioner is used more frequently. Dirty filters will reduce the efficiency of your air conditioner and may cause additional problems. Examine your filters regularly to check how they’re doing. If they’re filthy, try getting some new ones.

Outdoor Fan Failure

A problem with your outside AC unit could be causing issues with your HVAC system. Any material or anything that gets inside your outdoor unit’s fan can cause it to malfunction and cause your system to stop working properly. Damaged fans can put other sections of your outdoor unit at risk. All of this may be avoided by ensuring the outdoor fan is shielded and protected from anything that could harm it.

Leaks and Low Refrigerant Levels

If your air conditioner isn’t working properly and is spewing hot air instead of cool air, it could be due to low refrigerant levels. A leak frequently causes low refrigerant levels. You’ll need to contact a professional HVAC company like Arctic Air to fix the leaks and add new coolant to your system when this happens. Once the coolant is sufficient again, the system must cool your home efficiently.

Malfunctioning Capacitors

The heat of summer harms the capacitors in your air conditioner. Your air conditioner’s operation will be disrupted if capacitors fail. A common HVAC problem prevents your air conditioner from turning on. 

The easiest way to avoid this problem is to get your air conditioner serviced regularly. Contact an HVAC company to have your complete system inspected and identify any issues, like faulty capacitors. If there is a problem, a skilled HVAC company can provide a remedy.

Clogged Drain Hoses

When your HVAC system is working properly, it can keep the humidity levels in your home in check. It accomplishes this by sucking moisture from the air and filtering it out through a drainage tube. 

However, this line can get clogged and produce a slew of issues for your system. The water beneath the system might also be a safety threat. We recommend contacting an HVAC specialist right away to remove the current clogs due to the severity of the problem.


If you are looking for an AC contractor in El Centro, CA, or any other air conditioning service, contact Arctic Air today! We will provide you with top-quality appliances, skilled installation, and expert analysis of your comfort needs.

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